Wearable tech really came into its own last year, warranting a new category in the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards and while many of the products were great, there were a few things missing.

This year, the wearable category has hit a whole new level, from the LG G Watch R offering a round and more favourable designed smartwatch to the Jabra Pulse wireless sports earphones that are set to put personal trainers out of a job.

After careful consideration, we have selected the five best wearables from the last 12 months, listed below with extra detail so you know why we picked them for our Best Wearable 2014 in association with O2 Smart Tech shortlist.

The Garmin Vivofit is a wearable wrist device that enables you to track your daily steps, calories burned, distance travelled, how well you've slept, and assign goals to improve your health, all while using the Garmin Connect app to map it all out visually and see how you're doing.

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The Gamin Vivofit does exactly what you want a simple activity tracker to do and even without its full raft of features, its simple nature is endearing and apt for a large audience who don't want to get bogged down in detail or tech. It learns your habits to automatically give you goals and it offers a year-long battery meaning it is a great device for investing in activity tracking and trying to get more active.

Jabra isn't new to the Bluetooth earphones game, but it's a company leading the way. The Jabra Pulse is a fine example: more than just a pair of wireless sports earphones, it's also an advanced personal trainer that tracks your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

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The Jabra Pulse is the most innovative heart-rate monitor solution we've tried and it's an excellent set of wireless earphones too. The battery life could be better and you will need a smartphone with Bluetooth connection, but the overall software experience is fantastic. The Jabra Pulse is the ideal all-in-one sports tracker and in-ear headphones solution.

Hot on the heels of the LG G Watch, the Korean company released a new version of its Android Wear device in the G Watch R. It certainly looks the part: blurring the lines between traditional watch design and modern smartwatch functions to make it the best looking Android Wear device to date, and it also packs in a decent screen and solid battery life.

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A battery life that outlasts your phone is refreshing and it kept us using the G Watch R more than any before it. If navigating from your wrist or tracking training from a Google platform appeal, as well as at-a-glance notifications, then the LG G Watch R is a great option. As it stands there's no finer Android Wear device than the G Watch R. It's a solid sign of progress.

Pebble followed up the launch of its original smartwatch with the launch of the Pebble Steel, which as the name suggests, is made from stainless steel rather than plastic. Its purpose is simple: to pair with your smartphone to offer watch-based notifications without the need to look at your phone all the time and, of course, tells the time just like a normal watch.

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As a piece of technology the Pebble Steel is fantastic. It delivers the same brilliant experience as the original Pebble in a device that looks far more premium. It's a smartwatch that certainly makes the "smart" in smartwatch mean more than just being clever and it's hands-down one of the best smartwatches available on the market.

Sports watches are evolving and the new TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio wants to be a one-stop shop for all things triathlon. The new model has a built-in heart-rate monitor that means you can abandon the uncomfortable chest strap for real-time monitoring in order to target training zones, but it isn't the first to do this.

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The Cardio model fixed a lot of the moans we had with the original model and although it is more expensive, you get a lot more for the money where Tom Tom has stepped it up. The Multi-Sport Cardio still has some stiff competition but we were impressed with how much better the second-gen product has become in just one year.

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