Home entertainment is an even more exciting category this year than it was last year, with a huge variety of systems available to make your living room, or even a spare room the best place to be in the house.

From the next-gen consoles bringing entertainment in all forms to Google's Chromecast making older TVs in your house more exciting by giving you access to services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer through a HDMI port, the competition is tough.

Whittling the contenders down to just five was no easy task but after much deliberation, here are the five Best Home Entertainment nominees in a little more detail.

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The Fire TV is Amazon's first foray into the set-top box market but it also happens to be a shot at the console market. It's beautifully designed, offers excellent voice search, is fast and powerful and it is open to third-party services.

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It could do with having more of the main broadcaster apps and voice search is limited to a few services but the Amazon Fire TV is superfast in operation and the menu system is clean and easy to navigate. Unlike some of its rivals, it doesn't offer much beyond the content delivery but the gaming side is good and for the happy inhabitants of the Amazon ecosystem, the Fire TV is a no-brainer.

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Google's Chromecast is a HDMI dongle designed to plug into your TV. It is compatible with Macs, PCs, iOS and Android devices to act as the controller you can stream YouTube, Netflix and even Google Chrome tabs that host video content over to your TV.

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Chromecast is a bit different from anything else out there. In terms of functionality and performance it's an ideal method of not just streaming video on a TV but also casting Chrome browser tabs to the screen too. It's no good for those with older TVs and no HDMI port but overall, Chromecast is an inexpensive and easy-to-use dongle that's great.

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Sony's PlayStation 4 is one of the next-generation consoles on this shortlist and it is fast, powerful, small and packed with huge amounts of potential. There is no media streaming or 3D Blu-ray playback but the graphics are a cut above and it's a solid console that looks good while offering huge amounts of interior power.

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It lacked the must-have major games when it first launched but these titles are now starting to arrive and with more still to come, this console can only get better. Sony fans won't be disappointed in the PS4. With the next-gen games continuing to launch, it's a console that will deliver the true knock-out it's capable of in the months and years to come.

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The Roku Streaming Stick crams all the technology from the company's small-size connected streaming boxes into a HDMI-based device slightly bigger than a typical USB stick drive. It allows you to get all the latest streaming and catch-up services without the cost implication of signing up to the binding contracts for a set-top box.

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For enhancing a living room or smartening a second TV, the Roku Streaming Stick does a great job with full support of services like Netflix, Now TV, Sky Store, Demand 5, and 4oD, showing the Roku system not only has a good selection, but a growing one. It's not all perfect, but for obtaining a handful of the key services, the Roku Streaming Stick is a brilliant way to do it.

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While the Xbox One is the second of the next-gen consoles on this shortlist, it isn't solely about gaming. It's a games console in the traditional sense that the Xbox and Xbox 360 were, but the new Xbox is an evolution of everything that the Xbox 360 introduced. It's about entertainment in a wider sense, drawing all the strands together to give you one box, one system, one platform.

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The Xbox One marks the start of a new generation of entertainment, one that's centred around your big screen and one that wants to give you everything from gaming to music, to movies and more. There will be omissions, but the Xbox One is a gateway to a multitude of home entertainment, pulling all the strands into one interlinked experience.

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