It's been a brilliant year for gaming with some outstanding titles launching to show exactly what the next-generation consoles were capable of.

From the tense and scary Alien: Isolation to Destiny and its new style of gaming, there is some seriously stiff competition looking for the best game of the year crown.

After numerous discussions and deliberations, we give you the five best games of the last 12 months that made the cut in the Best Game category.

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Alien: Isolation is one of the scariest, clever horror survival games we've played in years that is not only a great homage to Ridley Scott's original Alien, but possibly the greatest videogaming example of the use of "nothing".

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Alien: Isolation will mostly appeal to Alien's mighty army of fans as there are so many nods and winks to Scott's original that only true fans will pick up on them. It's the best Alien game ever - an excellent slice of tense, scary action that also takes a considerable time to complete.

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Destiny was on track to be the "biggest game of the year" and the potential flag bearer for the next-generation of gaming even before its Alpha and Beta test phases. It's a new style of game and it leads the charge for always-online gaming as we enter an era of higher broadband speeds and enormous processing power.

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There are some parts that aren't as good as others but they are minor distractions from what is a fantastic technical achievement. Destiny is beautiful, bombastic and quite simply brilliant. It's every bit the title we've been waiting for to kick start the next generation.

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Far Cry 4 is Ubisoft's latest open world first-person shooter and it is reassuringly familiar to Far Cry 3 including the way the game handles in combat and driving vehicles, but it is larger than its predecessor, prettier, sharper and wittier.

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Far Cry 4 made us laugh as much as it raised our heart rate during dramatic temple raids or touch and go meetings with a rhino or two and while Far Cry 3 was a truly great game, its successor eclipses it in every way. It is a blockbuster.

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Mario Kart 8 offers something wonderfully familiar. It's not just a game that will satisfy fans of any generation of the franchise, but it still manages to add enough new elements to make it a real step up for kart games in general, let alone those featuring moustachioed plumbers.

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In a nutshell, Mario Kart 8 is a gorgeous looking, incredibly fun racing game that lives up to its 20-plus years of heritage. It retains that "just one more go" aspect and the characters are so diverse that you'll feel the compulsion to complete every track with every avatar and every vehicle combination. It is a star game from Nintendo at a time when people are forgetting what it does best.

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Monument Valley is a £2.49 game in the App Store that offers levels that are a unique, hand-crafted combination of puzzle, graphic design and architecture. It's a far from average game that is about discovery, perception and meaningful beauty.

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With its inspiring graphics, haunting music, and at times whimsical gameplay, there is no denying that even the newest gamer will be able to complete Monument Valley, but that's not a negative here and true gamers shouldn't be put off by that either. Whether you are new to games or an old hand, Monument Valley is a pleasure to play.

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