We're proud to announce the O2 Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, our 11th awards and the UK's longest-running awards dedicated to gadgetry, entertainment technology and gizmos.

As in the past 10 years, the aim is to find and celebrate the best tech and gadgets from the past 12 months, so you know what to buy this Christmas and beyond.

VOTE: O2 Pocket-lint Gadget Awards long list

This year we are doing something slightly different from previous years and publishing our working long list so you can have a say in what makes it to the final nomination short list being announced on the 4 November.

We will be taking into account all the votes you cast to help us determine the short list of nominations.

We want to stress, this is a working list, and therefore we will be adding to it the run up to the final nominations giving you a chance to vote for new products as they are announced. You will be able to vote more than once.

The final nominations will then be up for a coveted O2 Pocket-lint Gadget Award at the end of November.

Pocket-lint's vigorous vetting process means that all the products up for nomination need to have been seen by a member of the Pocket-lint team and been launched over the last year since our last awards in 2013.

Rather than leave it up to a small panel of judges - basically, the Pocket-lint team - the O2 Pocket-lint Gadget Award winners are decided by scores of leading journalists from around the world, a select team of super judges, and you.

We believe this makes the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards by far the fairest and most representative within the tech industry.

Come Awards day, you can be sure that when we announce what the must-have gadgets of the year are, they'll be just that - must have.

The final short list - narrowed down to five per category - will be announced on Tuesday 4 November.

The winners will be unveiled at the O2 Pocket-lint Gadget Awards party at the end of November in association with our friends at Hotwire PR.

Head to the voting page to have your say.