It's that time of year again where car lovers of the world fix their eyes firmly on France to see the latest models being shown off at the Paris Motor Show.

This year there is everything from super-sports cars to SUVs to hybrids, and a few prototypes to make it really exciting.

Cars and technology are growing ever closer with more automated driving appearing every year. It's only a matter of time before we ease into self-driving cars. Already there are cars that can park themselves, brake to stop collisions and know to keep you in your lane.

This year also sees plenty of cars pushing big numbers, but not just in the conventional power way. Rather they are pushing the limits of how far a car can travel on a tank of fuel. With numbers like 141mpg it's clear being fast isn't everything anymore when it comes to cutting edge car construction.

But don't worry hybrid electric cars aren't just about range. Plenty of sports car names are now adding electric to give even more power. This year has seen plenty of plug-in hybrids on show that deliver breath-taking power without guzzling petrol at a ridiculous rate, sort of.

We've gathered up the best cars from the show, with details, in our gallery below. Enjoy.