This is a great time of year for a quick getaway. The weather is holding quite nicely with crisp mornings and reasonably warm afternoons and, because the schools have gone back, prices are affordable.

But who wants to stay in some boring corporate hotel, or a poky little B&B? Wouldn’t it be great to do something a little different? Like a treehouse, or a Romany caravan, or perhaps a room in a castle?

At that’s exactly the kind of things you’ll find. They claim to be “the largest directory of unusual places to stay on the planet” and having had a look through their listings, we’re finding it difficult to argue.

What we really like about their search filters is that you can choose your budget up front. That way you won’t find the perfect place and then realise you’ll have to sell a kidney to secure a couple of nights away.

If you like to do things a little differently, you’re going to love this.