It’s good to dream. It’s good to have aspirations. We probably all want to be better people, or happier, or more successful, or just plain richer. That’s OK. That’s healthy. In moderation.

Or maybe you’ve set your sights much, much higher. You’re one of life’s go-getters. The sky isn’t the limit - it’s just a stepping stone for you. That’s OK too. Good luck to you.

Or, maybe you’ve already made it. Maybe you’re reading this on the poop deck of your Sunseeker in the Mediterranean, whiling away the hours by glancing occasionally at your limited-edition Breitling and wondering which Michelin-starred eatery you’re going to head to for dinner.

Maybe you already know about, but it was news to us.

Here you can stock up on all your essentials. Like a helicopter. Or a gold-plated Ferrari. Or Marlon Brando’s “South Sea Island Paradise Resort”. You know, those kind of essentials...

As far as we can tell, this is legitimate - it’s not a spoof or a flight of fancy. You can actually buy this stuff here.