I think we can all agree that Big Data is a big deal. Really big. But just how big? And should we be worried?

We know that there are scare stories about how much personal information is being shared on an hourly basis, but that's usually through choice, isn't it? We're all willing participants in the digital revolution. And we've all read the terms and conditions, right?

We know that server farms are getting bigger every day too. Google's data centres are thought to contain nearly a million servers around the world, and the numbers for Facebook, Amazon and the other household names are equally staggering. The energy alone needed to keep them running is astonishing, but our appetite for all things digital shows know signs of abating. And all that data is worth big money too.

If you've ever wondered how big, pennystocks.la/internet-in-real-time shows you in just a few seconds.

Load this site and you can watch as the numbers grow at an alarming rate. As billions of people tweet, share and post their little packets of data, the data grows and the dollars pour in.

It's almost hypnotic to watch...