The release of iOS8 has thrown up lots of things. Perhaps you needed to delete a load of apps and all your pictures to make room for it. Maybe you got caught out and signed up for iCloud Drive before you can actually use it on any of your other devices, and now nothing works properly. Or maybe you heeded all our advice and everything’s gone very smoothly.

Whatever happened, there is one unexpected treat that has been discovered. It seems there is now a poet trapped inside every Apple device, as demonstrates.

An inquisitive soul with an iPhone has found that using predictive text can generate something really very poetic, and here they give you the instructions and a lovely set of examples.

Pick a word and then use the predictive options above the keyboard to insert the next few words by mixing and matching the left, right and centre options. You can produce some really lovely little literary moments, and whether this is pure chance or a clever algorithm at work we don't really know. This could even be a little Apple Easter egg just waiting to be discovered. If that's the case it was found pretty quickly, because this site surfaced very not long after the release of the new software.

Pointless*, but entertaining and, just sometimes, quite touching.

*And yes, if you scroll down far enough, you will see my addition to the canon, using the word “pointless”. It seemed fitting…