Apple fans are going to be keen to see this week's reviews, as we treat you to the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iOS 8. Should you pre-order, update, wait, or jump to another system? We've got all the info.

It's also been Photokina week, so we've been showered with cameras aplenty. In among the mixture - and check out our Photokina 2014 hub page for Panasonic LX100, Fujifilm X100T, Canon 7D MkII previews and more - it was the Panasonic Lumix CM1 that captured the most interest. Half smartphone, half camera, does it make any sense?

Elsewhere we've had been testing out the Android Wear Moto 360 smartwatch, Lumia 530 budget smartphone and leaving the vacuuming to an LG robo-vac. Fun times.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

Quick review: It's Apple's first big iPhone. Yay? We prefer the standard iPhone 6's scale, but each to their own. We suspect this will be the device to pull in lots of interrest from new markets in addition to Android users taking a glance at Apple again. It's a great phone, but we suspect the iPhone 6 Plus will be the source of perplexity for a long time to come. Bigger really is bigger, but not always better.

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Apple iPhone 6 review

Quick review: The build quality of the iPhone 6 is exquisite, leaving you with one really tough decision: whether to go for the iPhone 6 or the much bigger iPhone 6 Plus. Regardless of which you do opt for, this is the best iPhone yet.

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Apple iOS 8 review

Quick review: If you're an iPhone or iPad user then this is the latest software. To get you started take a look at what your device will be able to do and whether it's worth upgrading right now.

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Panasonic Lumix CM1 preview

Quick review: Is it a phonecamera or cameraphone? The Lumix CM1 is a bit of both. It's an Android device that crams a 1-inch sensor inside, making for a high-end connected camera. We thought it would be a write-off, but as one of a handful of publications to use the device we're impressed with what it can do. A guilty pleasure if you will.

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Motorola Moto 360 review

Quick review: The Moto 360 may be the prime example of an Android Wear device, but right now that's not necessarily saying much. There are good elements and bad: the round watch face rather than a rectangular one is great and a wireless charging dock makes for ease of use. But the black bar across the bottom of that round face spoils the design to an extent, battery life is a day at best, and Android Wear right now means lots of talking to your wrist - which won't be ideal for all. Good points and bad.

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Nokia Lumia 530 review

Quick review: The sub-£100 price of the Nokia Lumia 530 makes it difficult to ignore, but the performance makes it difficult to fully recommend. It's one of the cheapest smartphones around and it has plenty to offer, but the screen and camera are problem areas. Now with the Motorola Moto E available you might well be tempted to look past this particular Lumia.

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LG Hom-Bot Square robotic vacuum cleaner review

Quick review: The LG Hom-Bot offers a beautiful design with some great features and a good performance. It's a winner for those with a clutter-free house and mainly laminate flooring or normal carpets, but for those with lots of high-piled carpets or rugs, it might be better to look elsewhere.

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