We all do it. We sign up to these apps, sites and schemes to save money, without giving it a second thought. Things like Groupon, Vouchercloud and countless others we could name (many of which we’ve featured right here over the years) make it easy to just sit back and let the discounts and deals come to us.

And, because we’re all jolly nice people, we spread the word. We forward the emails, we share the social posts and we talk about all the money we’re saving. Because it’s good to share.

But, what we perhaps haven’t realised, is that we’ve all becoming marketers. We’re spreading all this brand awareness and commercial presence for free. OK, so we’re saving money if we choose to buy through these channels, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something else back? Something like, off the top of our heads, cold hard cash?

Behold haveyouseen.com, where that’s exactly what happens. This is where you should now be coming to see all those unbeatable online offers, and you should absolutely carry on sharing them as far and wide as you can. Because, the more people who buy through your recommendations, the more money you make.

You can read the reviews to make smarter shopping decisions and you can create collections of your favourite stuff and even wish lists to keep track of all the things you want in future. Online shopping just got organised. And profitable.

Saving cash and making money at the same time? Not really a downside, is there…?