Imagine a place where you could go with those nagging questions. The ones that keep you awake just a little later than you’d like. The ones that get you and your friends into heated discussions around the water cooler or pub table.

Well, you might think that the internet is just the place, right? Yes and no. Some of it can be a little, shall we say, unreliable?
Wikipedia is a brilliant, brilliant thing. But it’s prone to interference, so you can’t take everything there as gospel. And anyway, a coherent answer to a specific question isn’t always there.

Google is pretty damn good at finding answers (Google Instant is bordering on witchcraft, it's so intuitive), but the more esoteric queries might lead you to some very weird and wonderful corners of the worldwide web.

No. How about a name you can trust? Like maybe the BBC?

At you’ll find answers to some amazing questions, all presented by people who are experts on the subjects covered. From our global dependence on bees to the artistic merits of Jackson Pollack, this is a great place to spend a bit of online time.