How do you choose the clothes that you buy? Do you slavishly scour the pages of the glossy lifestyle magazines making notes on all the current trends and must-have labels? Or do you pound the streets looking in every fashion store to see what they’re putting their mannequins in? Or, do you completely do your own thing?

Perhaps, like most people, you are subtly influenced by the people you see around you, and the choices you make are guided by the way the people you see every day dress. It makes sense.

And it’s also the idea behind, and its sister site at, a pair of our favourite style blogs.

Giuseppe Santamaria is a photographer living in Sydney, and whenever his work takes him on the road, he snaps the people on the street in each town he visits to give us a real-life fashion commentary.

It’s such a simple, yet effective way to see what people are doing, and it’s one of the least patronising ways to stay current that we’ve come across.