Yesterday, it was a new messaging service we thought you might like. Today, why not go the whole hog and try a new social network?

Not too many people make any money from bobbing around in Twitter or Facebook, but at, you have an opportunity to be rewarded for your social media activity.

This is different on many other levels too. Very different, so starting out might be a slow process, but once you get into it, you might find the differences refreshing.

And you’re getting in quite early with this one too - they’re not that old, not that big and not that well known.

There are some potential drawbacks: you won’t find the same amount or variety of content here, because it’s still growing. And, the payouts probably won’t be all that huge until it really starts to gain some momentum. And, you will find a few people who really haven’t enjoyed their experience, to the point where some people are calling it a “scam” - mainly because they haven’t been paid what they think they’d earned. But, do a little digging and you might find these users were breaching the site’s content guidelines, which are clear and unambiguous.

But if you go in with your eyes open, what have you got to lose?