It's "Apple week"; the week when the Cupertino-based giant announced a trio of products: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and, of course, the highly anticipated Apple Watch. We handled all the devices at the company's press conference to get the skinny.

But it's not all about Apple. Over at the Intel Developers Forum, also in San Francisco, Dell used the stage to show off its forthcoming Venue tablet with Intel RealSense depth camera. An interesting product for sure, but not so conventional in design terms.

Back in good ole Blighty we've been powering through other top products for full reviews. From the most premium Samsung smartphone yet, the Galaxy Alpha, to a whole other kind of galaxy in Destiny, the most anticipated game of the year.

Elsewhere we've seen Gigabyte's unassuming gaming laptop, the P34G v2, the Amazon Fire Phone makes its way to the UK, and Sony's Alpha A7S full-frame camera offers exceptional image quality - but in a "less for more" package compared to its original A7 cousin.

Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus preview

Quick review: It was hardly a secret that Apple would bring a standard and super-sized iPhone to the market. Both models are a considerable power leap ahead of the earlier iPhone 5S, including a now-protruding camera lens to the rear that the jury's still out on. The big deal - excuse the pun - is the iPhone 6 Plus, which brings the Apple device into the 5.5-inch screen domain. Is it too big for its existing customer base or a ploy to lure in new users? We've been playing with both devices, so for all the details follow the links below.

Price: from £539

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Apple iWatch preview

Quick review: Despite its diminutive size, the Apple Watch - not iWatch as predicted - looks like the real deal. It's not going to be a budget wearable device by any means, and there's no GPS on board - you'll need an iPhone paired for that - but it's the prettiest that we've seen yet. Touchscreen and digital crown controls fused with a new operating system makes for a very nifty device. But unlike the iPhones, you'll have to wait until 2015 to get your hands on one of the three editions that the Apple Watch will be released in, including a top-spec 18k gold version, called the Watch Edition.

Price: from £299 (TBC)

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Quick review: The Galaxy Alpha is the highest quality smartphone from Samsung yet thanks to its metal frame, lightweight build and slim design. Some will find the plastic back, 12-megapixel camera and 720p screen too inferior to consider it a flagship handset though. Which is a shame as those specs are a little at odds with its premium build quality. But get one in the hand and you'll appreciate this is Samsung finally on the path to premium quality - and we hope to see more of that in future product lines.

Pros: Lightweight, quality build, fast camera, rich screen colours

Cons: Still a plastic back, 720p screen doesn't match competition

Price: £500

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Destiny review

Quick review: Can a game match the hype? In the case of Destiny the answer is yes. It's a mix of co-operative role-player and frantic shooter rolled into one game like no other. Well, ok, so there are hunts of Halo but developer Bungie has managed to forge a title of distinction. Destiny is beautiful, bombastic and quite simply brilliant.

Pros: Proves why an always-online connection is important, stunning graphical vistas, role-playing elements aren't just tacked on and add so much to character development, superb co-operative gameplay, fantastic array of weaponry, more than lives up to its hype

Cons: Open-world enemy patterns and spawning points can be repetitive, not sure what the Sparrow bikes add, Crucible PVP skill matching seems off because we suck every time we go there

Price: £40

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Amazon Fire Phone review

Quick review: If you have never played with an Amazon device before, i.e. the Kindle, then the Fire Phone will take you a while to master. It's an average looking phone with a couple nifty tricks either meant to sell you things or dazzle your eyes, but other than that it's nothing worth bragging about. Keep in mind Amazon has an agenda: it wants to sell more goods and push its Prime subscription service, which is what the Fire Phone is designed to do. We can't imagine Android or iOS fans jumping ship for the Fire Phone unless they're mad Amazon shopaholics.

Pros: Bright display, easy one-click shopping with Firefly, excellent Mayday customer service, snaps good low-light photos, great keyboard

Cons: Expensive for what you gets, camera sensors clutter the design, difficult navigation and interface, gimmicky Dynamic Perspective

Price: £TBC / from £33 a month (O2 exclusive)

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Sony A7S review

Quick review: Just like the A7 before it, the A7S is mini marvel with a massive sensor. It's this new 12-megapixel chip that's the main point of interest as image quality is the cleanest in the Alpha compact system camera range - which will benefit those who spend a lot of time in low light shooting at ISO 1600 and above. It's great. However, the A7S is not a £700 improvement compared to the original model in our view despite its off-camera 4K video capabilities. 

Pros: Great full-frame image quality, sturdy build and small scale design, great electronic viewfinder quality, tilt-angle LCD with large view, two batteries included

Cons: Poor battery life, no wall charger means slow charge, full-frame lens range is lacking, AF-C not comparable to £2k DSLR, 4K capture off-camera only, much pricier than standard A7

Price: £2,000 (body only)

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Gigabyte P34G v2 gaming laptop review

Quick review: If you thought gaming PCs had to be big, heavy and ugly, then think again. The Gigabyte P34G v2 can't hold a candle to most £1,000+ Ultrabooks in the battery life or looks departments, but it's a discreet and portable laptop with serious gaming power. A savvy choice if you're after something more casual than many other gaming brands offer.

Pros: Great gaming performance, portable, high-quality display

Cons: Build not that flashy, fan is very loud under strain, battery can’t match non-gaming rivals

Price: £1,159

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