So, what makes a great website? Dazzling graphics? A witty tone of voice? Smooth navigation and effortless mobile optimisation? All of these maybe, but at the heart of every great website is a great idea.

Whether it’s an innovative new product, a worthwhile cause or a useful new application of technology, the idea is what drives it. And, to a certain extent, the idea is the easy bit. Delivering all the other elements of an eye-catching website is traditionally where the effort comes in.

But with, that’s simply not true any more. This is one of the best website builders we’ve seen, and not just because it’s free. There are hundreds of templates waiting for you, and you can customise everything to make your site truly stand out. You’re building in HTML5 and your site will be optimised for smartphones. Plus, you can add in all sorts of tools and toys from their app market.

This is really is child’s play, and who knows - maybe we’ll be featuring your site here someday soon…