Withings has clearly been busy in the run up to this year's IFA as not only did it launch a beautifully stylish activity tracker, but it also introduced a HD camera with environmental sensors and a real-wood finish at the show.

The Withings Home is a smart HD camera that will give you access to your home from wherever you are via the iOS app, while also monitoring the air quality in your house.

Starting with the design, the Withings Home looks a little like one of the one-eyed Minions from Despicable Me but rather than being yellow and blue, it is white with a wooden finish, although a blue finish is also available.

It's quite a big device for a camera, around the same size as a mug, but it offers a very premium finish with the wood and like many of the Withings products, you can tell it is made with decent materials and a consideration for its design.

The wooden part moves round, and can therefore hide the camera if you so wish, but we preferred it when it was open. It's a lovely product and although it is a little larger than we expected it to be, it would blend in nicely to most home interiors as the design is very inoffensive.

The top of the Withings Home is a series of holes which is how it monitors the air quality in your home. It features environmental sensors that measure temperature, humidity and levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) to help you improve you indoor air quality by alerting you to unhealthy changes.

We had a demo of this element and it worked seamlessly. A cleaning wipe featuring a strong smelling detergent was placed next to the Withings Home and a clear dome was then put over the top of both the device and the wipe.

We then watched the air quality analysis on the app move from good to medium and then to bad, showing the spike in VOC levels, which had we have been on the move, we would have been alerted to the change. 

The bottom of the Withings Home is white with the Withings logo in the middle but it isn't a redundant section of plastic as it doubles up as a night light, which we loved. You can set it to turn on from the app and it looks lovely when it's lit up.

The rear of the device is where you will find the charging ports and connection sockets but it is the camera element that is really clever. The smart HD camera features 135-degree wide angle zoom and it offers night vision so you will be able to check up on your home from the app no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.

With motion and noise detection on board, as well as specifically crying detection and the presence of people, it sounds like it will be like having your own personal security guard inside your house all the time, but for a lot less money at £169.95.

We didn't get a chance to test the camera in action but we love the sound of everything it claims to be able to do. Any note worthy thing that happens will be recorded to a cloud-stored video and sent to your smartphone in notification form, plus any of the images and videos will then be put into an interactive timeline that turns into a home diary. Clever right?

In terms of the numbers, the camera features a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor and there are two digital microphones, a HQ speaker and two-way audio with Audio Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction technology on board.

All-in-all, the Withings Home has us pretty excited and we can't wait to keep an eye on what our naughty little cat gets up to while we are out of the house when we get it in for full review.