So, normal life resumes. The kids are back at school, the price of a holiday has dropped dramatically, and the commute is back to standing room only. But one group of people who are probably more than a little relieved are the stay-at-home parents who will be pleased to have a bit of breathing space again.

They’re a breed apart, if you asked us. Running a busy household is a full-time job, but with no salary, no benefits and precious little time off, so that's why we reckon something like might be something that quite a few people might be interested in now they've got the house back to themselves.

It’s a site that tells you how to make money online, very often for just doing the things you’d normally do. Cashback shopping, watching online videos, taking surveys. We all do a lot of this stuff through social media, so why not get paid for it? Each bit of activity you do here earns points. When you clock up enough points, you get cold, hard cash.

Not really a downside, is there?

UPDATED: The link now takes you to their redesigned site, still in beta, but looking better than ever. A clean new livery, straightforward navigation and some really nice mobile optimisation, so you can get paid to do the stuff you like when you're on the move. Nice.