As the new school year starts, a whole new generation of parents are going through the trauma of having to surrender their children to The System.

It can be tough, particularly for those parents who have successfully steered their offspring on a particular path, be it behavioural, social or play-related. All those good intentions might count for nothing if the school can’t support it, and the inevitable gender bias starts to creep in.

The biggest culprit (surprise surprise), are the marketing people. Toys are packaged up along very broad lines: pink, dolly, cuddly things for girls, blue, pointy things with wheels for boys. But why? Kids are just kids, right? Why does society want to pigeon-hole its most free-spirited souls at such a young age?

If you agree with this, then you might like what they’re doing at, a campaign to get marketing people to stop stereotyping and let children make up their own minds about things.