May we present a potentially life changing recommendation: Why is it so significant? Because, as you might recall, we love chocolate over here at Pocket-Lint. We’re connoisseurs. Experts. Fanatics, when it comes to the cocoa-based confectionary industry.

So when one of the team passed round a small box of the truffles from this Norfolk-based chocolatier, much interest was taken. They were a gift from a contact who had handed them over with almost hushed reverence. “Try these,” they had said, in a conspiratorial whisper.

And try them we did, in silence as the box travelled round. Because these are, very simply, some of the best chocolates any of us have ever tasted.

They are organic and free from dairy, gluten and soya, so we’re not sure how they make them taste so good, but we’re very glad they do.

OK, so this site isn't massively sophisticated, or clever, or funny. But if you like chocolate, it could change your life.