The ice bucket challenge. What a thing. There’s no way you could’ve missed it, unless you’ve been on Pluto for the past month, and it’s showing no signs of going anywhere soon.

It’s possibly the most successful online charity activity we’ve ever seen, with millions of people, including countless celebrities, dumping buckets of iced water over their heads for the sake of good causes. The original intended beneficiary was amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or motor neurone disease, but it’s reckoned that nearly half of all the people taking part in the challenge have missed that point, or chosen not to donate.

That’s not the end of the world, because millions of dollars have poured (pun intended) into charity coffers. But, many people have been concerned about all that clean water being poured away for no good reason.

So Matt Damon’s ice bucket challenge, which surfaced last week, was a timely reminder that you could take the challenge in a way that doesn’t waste clean water, and also highlighted This is a charity he co-founded that's working towards securing clean water supplies for everybody on the planet. With over 800 million people not having access to clean water, the gallons being thrown around in your Facebook timelines might start to seem wasteful.

But you can help here, and try to remember what the original challenge was for, if you are taking part.