It’s fair to say that the world has gone cycling crazy. You can credit the Olympics, the Tour de France, environmental awareness, fitness concerns, whatever. It doesn’t matter what the explanation is, more people than ever are getting around on two wheels.

But building that pedalling into your daily routine isn’t always that easy, particularly in the UK. You can’t take full-sized bikes on to commuter trains here, and then storing a bike when you get to where you’re going isn’t alway possibly, practical or safe.

So folding bikes are absolutely booming, and that’s why is such a great idea.

It's startlingly simple: you don’t have to buy a Brompton folding bike - just rent one whenever you need one. You register online, find a dock, reserve a bike and use it for as long as you like. Then just drop it off when you’re done, be that minutes, hours or days later.

It’s surprisingly affordable, and their growing network of docks covers some of the biggest towns and cities in the country.

All the benefits of biking without the burden of ownership. Nice.