We've talked a bit about citizen journalism, with ideas on where and how to get your words and pictures seen by a wider audience. But over the last couple of years things have changed dramatically. You won't go too far in the mainstream media now without finding a story that is almost wholly been written based on social media activity. Call it the information superhighway in full flow, or perhaps call it lazy journalism. Either way people are now reporting on their own lives like never before, and putting a lot of information out there for others to pick through band republish.

But the real heroes of citizen journalism are the ones who do it properly. Take bellingcat.com, an incredibly hard-hitting news site that owes its existence to the blogger Brown Moses (aka Eliot Higgins) and a recent successful Kickstarter campaign.

Brown Moses starting reporting on the conflict in Syria a couple of years ago, specifically concentrating on the weapons being being used. His analytical and observational skills put many mainstream journalists to shame, and this site is where you will find his work, and the work of others like him.

It’s not easy reading, but it’s very worthwhile.