The cost of living. That’s a phrase that the mainstream media has become almost obsessed with, as they trot out the horror stories about the housing market, unemployment figures, and the price of milk.

It’s a scientific formula; a group of set measures that when they get pumped through come civil servant’s spreadsheet, spit out a number. In real terms, it’s about as much use as knowing what show size your neighbour is, because your cost of living is different to everybody else’s.

So, the world is turning to new ways to measure what it really costs to be alive, and one of the most interesting we’ve found in, where they rank cities around the world based on what it costs to live there and work remotely.

They take into consideration broadband speeds and costs, shared working spaces, the price of three normal meals in a day, and what the average rent might be in short-term accommodation.

We reckon this paints a much more useful picture for modern workers with a touch of the wanderlust, and as the data is crowdsourced and updated regularly, it’s one ranking that’s very much based in the real world.