UK high street baking chain Greggs fell foul of an online prankster yesterday who changed a creative commons version of the company logo to include an offensive fake slogan.

This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that it was the version of the logo that Google was picking up for its search results, causing amusement for many, embarrassment for Greggs.

Thankfully the baking chain has seen the funny side and responded with its own repost. It has suggested that Google should apologise by crating a Google doodle made of sausage rolls - one of the store's most popular baked items.

"Aaaand relax! Maybe those kind folks @GoogleUK could give us the doodle tomorrow?" it posted on the official Gregg's Twitter feed, along with a picture of its own savoury snack-based Google logo.

"Whoops! Sorry @GreggstheBakers. #fixgreggs, #fixedgreggs #ategreggs," replied Google UK, along with a picture of a table just covered in crumbs - implying that instead of a doodle, employees had scoffed the sausage rolls.

It also fixed the offending logo on Greggs search results, which was up for almost a day before being removed. It originally read "Greggs... Providing sh*t to scum for over 70 years", which is somewhat unfair considering we're partial to a steak bake ourselves.

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