Some brands are always going to be synonymous with certain activities. You’re not writing with a ballpoint pen, you’re using a Biro. You’re not tidying your apartment using a vacuum cleaner you’re Hoovering.

Likewise, if you’re searching online (unless you work for Microsoft, where this is a right and a wrong answer) you’re Googling. Think of online shopping, and it’s likely to be Amazon that pops into your head. The same with eBay and online auctions.

Talk about discount voucher codes, and Groupon is more than likely the name you’re going to hear. This is certainly true Stateside, but they've been operating on this side of the pond for four years, and their reputation is growing.

But now, they’re looking beyond just the codes and the bulk discounts, and eyeing the top spot for online marketplaces.

Their first step is a redesign at, and most welcome it is too.

This is about as simple an interface as you can get when it comes to finding deals online. Search by activity or brand, and then by location, and you get the best local offers in seconds. The app versions have had a facelift too.

If you’re into saving a few pennies on your everyday shopping and socialising, this could well be your new household name.