If you walk through any 21st-century city centre and take a look at the people you pass on the street, these days it’s quite difficult to classify people. Don’t get us wrong, that’s a good thing. A very good thing in fact. The modern world is one big melting pot and long may it remain that way.

But we kind of miss one certain label that used to be attached to people; to the male of the species in particular. That label was “gentleman”. It used to stand for something. Respect, good taste, a certain style, a worldliness that came from experience and an open mind.

Thankfully, it does still exist, particularly at thegentlemansjournal.com. This beautifully constructed site reminds us of the glory days of glossy men’s magazines - long before they had to introduce a “nipple count” - when they did proper journalism. Here you’ll find in-depth reporting on fashion, style and modern living with a rich vein of quality running through it all.

We like it.