They used to say that you are what you eat, but at they reckon it’s got more to do with what you drink. They say that beverages are the number one source of calories. When you think about what goes into a caramel mocha latte with whipped cream, or perhaps a nice cool pint of continental lager, they may have a point. And it’s best not to think about what goes into a typical can of fizzy drink.

So it’s probably not that surprising that their Vessyl “smart” cup, which we told you about back in June, is looking like it might really catch on.

It tracks what you're drinking using sensors inside the cup and reports the nutritional information to an app.

So, why are we telling you about it again? Because you’ve only got a week left to pre-order it before the price doubles. That’s why.

Oh, and the site is actually quite beautiful too.