Just when you thought there were too many Bluetooth speakers on the market, and that they all seem to do the same thing, a new comes along that attempts to break the mould. Well, in this case, defy gravity.

The Om/One is a gravity-defying Bluetooth speaker that consists of a magnetic base and a round speaker. The most interesting aspect about the Om/One is that the round speaker levitates above the magentic base, spinning whimsically to whatever sounds are playing. You can remove the round speaker from its position in the air and use it as a portable speaker, if you desire, or you can leave it alone to spin and play. It also includes a microphone for phone conversations.

A company called Om Audio, which makes another speaker line called Mantra, has developed prototypes of the Om/One and even started a crowdfunding campaign in order to embark on the production process for Om/One. The campaign launched on 12 August 2014 and is now available for pre-order for $199 which is about ¬£128 and should ship by February at the latest.

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Om Audio emphasised that battery life of the final version should be around 15 hours. Sure... there are more affordable Bluetooth speakers available, but Om/One is the only speaker that can both float and amplify your tunes.

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