So, how are the summer holidays going? Kids driving you mad yet? Whether you’re a parent or not, the summer can seem like a long old stretch what with all the little people running around seemingly out of control.

When we did a week’s worth of kid-friendly recommendations a while ago, it inspired a few people to send in ideas that we’d missed. And is just one of them.

This is a blog with simplicity at its heart, which is something we always love.

You’ll find a load of creative ideas here to keep the children occupied for the last few weeks of summer. And, as the weather has became a little less predictable (at least in the UK it has) the idea of indoor activities might appeal to many.

What we really like here is the section on learning through play too. After a few weeks of free time, kids can conveniently forget to use their brains for anything other than mischief, so some exercises to get the old grey matter ticking over again are probably a good idea.