Website of the day: How To Be A Dad

There was a little thing flying about on social media last week about an amazing new invention. People all over the world got very excited about it, particularly those with children.

It was called the Swiss Parenting Tool and it seemed to be the answer to all our prayers.

Alas, it’s not real, but every cloud has a silver lining, and it brought to our attention, for this is where the mythical device was dreamt up.

It’s a blog-style feed for parents (not just dad’s, but there is a slight leaning towards the male perspective) that pulls together whimsical stuff that will help to keep the most important aspect of raising children in tip-top order.

No, not your bank balance. No, not your ability to weave Loom Bands or play Minecraft either.

Not, this site is good for your sense of humour.

It’s about the only thing they can’t take away from you, after all…