As part of Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report it used a test method to find the Digital Quotient (DQ) score of adults and kids around the UK, with some startling results.

Like an IQ test, a DQ exam gives a final score on how tech savvy people are. It rates them based on how much knowledge they have of technology, such as smartphones, tablets and wearables, but also how much they use them in their daily lives. You can even take the test for yourself on a dedicated website.

But while that test is designed to find out if you are tech savvy enough, what if you're just too tech savvy for your own good? That's what we'd like to know here on Pocket-lint.

You'll know if you're too tech savvy if...

1. You have a tech company logo as your desktop wallpaper

2. You have more than two plug extenders under your AV cabinet

3. You know that you have to switch off Bluetooth again after every darn Apple iOS update

4. You're using beta software

5. You don't need instructions to set up a router

6. Your pet's name is Jobs or Gates

7. Your phone battery never gets past 6pm

8. You own an Android hat or Apple logo tattoo

9. You've funded a gadget on Kickstarter and are still using it

10. You talk more on social media than IRL... and use the abbreviation IRL

11. You've already wall-mounted an old iPad or tablet

12. You're already on your second smartwatch

13. You've outsourced your family's tech advice to a call centre in India

14. You're reading this article