Best smartwatches in pictures: Moto 360, Gear S, G Watch R, iWatch and more

The age of the smartwatch is here. Already Google's Android Wear devices are available to make digging a phone out of the pocket a rarer task, but this is just the beginning.

Available now is the LG G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live both working with Android Wear. But in the next few months we'll start to see round-faced Android wear devices like the Motorola Moto 360 and HP's luxury smartwatch.

Samsung has announced its Gear S which works with a SIM for phone-free coverage. While LG has outed its round-faced G Watch R that comes with water-proofing.

While the round faced Android Wear watches have been delayed they are coming and with them will come a new breed of premium luxury smartwatches. This will give even the best current watch brands a run for their money – offering smart connectivity with good looks. And as the smarthome becomes more integrated a central watch control point will be more useful than ever.

But while we might not have seen anything from Apple or Microsoft yet they're almost certainly going to unveil their smartwatches soon. The iWatch has leaked in plenty of design concepts while the Windows Phone is beginning to appear in renders online.

We've rounded up all the best smartwatches available or rumoured to be coming soon and found the best pictures the internet has to offer. From Android Wear to iWatch to Windows Phone, check out the gallery below to see all the best smartwatches in one place.