If you’ve ever thought about employing an interior designer, you may have realised early on that it’s not necessarily going to be a straightforward process. You have to find the time to meet them and let them have a good look around the space you want remodelled. You have to wait for them to draw up plans and then you enter into the dreaded “feedback” phase, where what’s in your head may or may not get translated into what the designer wants you to do. It’s complex, time-consuming and not something that everybody can afford.

That’s why we like curiodesignstudio.com. You simply draw up a plan of your space following the simple instructions, email it to them, choose your package and let their design team do the rest.

Depending on which package you choose, you’ll get the opportunity to change what comes back, but you’ll always receive a suggested colour palette, a furniture layout and a shopping list of stuff you might want to buy to complete the look. All delivered quickly, online and at affordable prices.

A great idea.