So, Netflix went down on Sunday night, right when many people might’ve been watching the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony and, as one, thought, “why are they waving tents in the air? Stuff this - I’m watching Orange is the New Black…”

We know this because Twitter went nuts. But how to confirm the situation? Let’s face it: you can’t trust everything on Twitter - look at what happened to Jeremy Bowen. The BBC’s Middle East correspondent was said to have been "gagged" after a tweet, when in fact, he’s on holiday this week. Poor Jeremy.

No, you need a more reliable way to find out if your favourite service is offline, and one of the easiest to use we’ve found is

A few clicks will tell you what’s happening with any number of online services and network providers, based on aggregated social media activity, including responses from the companies involved.

That way, you’ll soon discover if it really is the apocalypse or perhaps somebody is just having a few server problems.