Without getting all existential (nobody needs that on a Friday) have you ever wondered how the universe all fits together? Regardless of whether you believe in evolution or some other greater power, you have to admit that life is full of bizarre coincidences.

Take thingsfittingperfectlyintothings.tumblr.com, which illustrates the point really rather well.

This is a collection of pictures taken by people that have noticed that things just sort of fit together. Not things that are meant to fit together, but randomly selected objects from their everyday lives.

The vinyl record that fits perfectly on to a drum skin; the smartphone that nestles snugly between the handles of a wheely suitcase; and, our favourite, the rich tea biscuit that seems to be very at home in the neck of a Nutella jar.

We haven’t featured a Tumblr for while, but this one is a perfect bit of nonsense that might get you trying to fit random things together for some time to come.