Heatwave. That’s the word that’s being used here in the UK at the moment. Those of you who live in hotter climates may scoff, but a few weeks with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees really does constitute a heatwave as far as we Brits are concerned.

The parks are overflowing, the beaches are packed and everybody is out grabbing the rays.

So it’s probably time for a reminder on looking after those that perhaps don’t really think twice about what can happen if you spend too much time in the sun. No, not the beer-swilling buffoons who should know better, we’re talking about children.

At sunshine.co.uk/suncream an online travel agent has come up with a simple but effective way of reminding sun seekers that protecting the skin is a priority for everybody.

It’s the sort of site that you can share with children and hopefully land the message that, no matter how much they don’t want to put some sun cream on, it’s really important.

Enjoy the fine weather, no matter where you are, and stay safe, people.