Anybody who stays in hotels a lot, especially for work, will tell you that after a while, the novelty wears off. So many hotels are soulless, bland labyrinths, stuffed to the rafters with travelling sales reps, corporate low-fliers and tourists wondering where they went wrong when booking their accommodation.

But not all hotels are like this. Some get it just right. They tend to be the smaller chains or independents and they’re well worth seeking out. Laid-back service, great food and a warm welcome awaits if you’re prepared to do a little research. And the home comforts they throw in are often actually better than home.

Take the bedding. Some more discerning hotels spare no expense when it comes to giving their guests a good night’s rest, and if you’ve ever wondered when they get those perfectly puffy pillows and divinely downy duvets, then here’s a little secret...

At, you can get hold of the stuff they use in top hotels. OK, so it’s not the cheapest bedding in the world, but considering you spend a third of your life in your pit, it’s probably worth spending a bit on some creature comforts.

We love this stuff, and think it’s well worth the investment.