Friday. Usually a day to celebrate unreservedly. But for some, this could be the beginning of a very long summer. The school holidays stretch out before us and so far this week, we've done our bit for parents with holiday ideas and things to do both indoors and out.

But now it’s time to give something back to the mums and dads, because over the next six weeks or so, they’re going to need some respite. And possibly a drink or two.

We’re not condoning binge drinking while in charge of little ones, but a cooling beverage in a lovely pub garden does make nice change of scene. And you can tell the kids it’s a “day out”.

But finding a good pub where you’ll be welcome with your brood isn’t always that straightforward. Pubs are, but their very nature, adult environments, and that's why we love

Not only does it list all the pretty little out-of-town hostelries that British summers are designed for, but they have quick search filters to help you get to the ones that welcome families, pets and a number of other predefined requirements.

We’ve found that this takes a lot of legwork out of finding the prefect place for a pint with the family. Cheers.