In our summer holiday special we’ve given you a few options for you and your family if you’re feeling like getting out and about.

But what about those days when you’re all just a bit done in and want to flop on a sofa and watch movies?

It’s likely that you've exhausted your DVD collection already, and although there are numerous streaming services you can subscribe to, for family viewing, Netflix for Kids is our favourite.

You can log in here and never have to worry about your little people straying into celluloid territory you’d rather not let them see.

That means you can set the kids up with literally weeks worth of viewing (although, obviously, we’re not necessarily recommending that) and you can get on with other things.

This is a sensible parental control and is ideal for people who are perhaps having children to visit over the summer and don’t have a secret stash of Fireman Sam and the PowerPuff Girls.