We continue our summer holiday special with a suggestion for what to do if you didn’t follow our advice yesterday. That's not a grumble either. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if you didn’t. Overseas holidays don’t come cheap, and that’s the main reason “staycations” have proved ever more popular in recent years.

But, what to do if you do stay put?

A great scheme for the summer is the National Trust’s 50 Things To Do Before You’re 113/4. This list, found at 50things.org.uk is a simple yet very effective checklist of things for kids to do over the extended holidays. Easy things like climbing a tree or making a mud pie. And then there are a few more involved ones like making a raft or organising a snail race.

We love this idea. It might sound a bit twee to some, but we reckon anything that gets kids out into the fresh air and doing something that will fire their imaginations and wear them out has to be a good thing.