We’ve talked about the need for filtering in social media before, but sulia.com goes a step further. And we like it.

With Twitter, once you’ve started following a few hundred people (easily done, isn’t it?) you’re likely to start needing to use lists, just to make sense of it all.

In Facebook, after a while, there are certain friends that you end up “muting” because you simply don’t care what they’re having for lunch, or what they’re currently listening to on Spotify.

But with Sulia, it’s subject based, so you only get to see the topics you’re into. So if you’re a mad football fan, then you can sign up for your team’s stuff. If indie music is your thing, then that’s covered too. In fact, there’s not much that isn’t covered here.

This is a bit different, but in a good way, and once you get used to it, we reckon it could be a new favourite for a lot of people.