It’s all over for another fours years, but the World Cup didn’t half deliver on its promise of a carnival of football. But now that the hangovers are kicking in and the slow clear-up begins, spare a thought for those who will now face a unique challenge.

Those who bought the national shirts will have to admit that it’s time to put them in the bottom drawer, because there’s nothing sadder that swanning about in a footy shirt that’s not really part of the zeitgeist any more.

They’ll be wanting something new to keep their top halve covered up. Now, “novelty” T-shirts, admittedly, are hardly cool any more. Unless they're smart. That’s smart in their humour, not their tailoring, obviously.

And at we think people will find a fair few designs that fit the bill quite nicely. Whether it’s the geekier side of being a fan of a TV show, or a bit of satire that only the discerning observer will get, we reckon this is the place to give summer wardrobes a timely top up.