There are many rites of passage in life. When it comes to getting about, there are some quite specific ones. There's riding your bike for the first time without stabilisers. Then, your first driving lesson, followed by passing your test. Your first car - that’s a biggie too.

But probably the most significant is buying your first new car. Sitting in a driver’s seat knowing that you’re the first to do so is a special feeling. The smell of a new car, the pristine upholstery and the immaculate sheen of every surface. Wow.

It’s a sign that you’ve made it. You’ve got to the point that you’ve got the money to buy brand new, and that’s a big deal.

But is it a good deal? Yes, that salesman has given you a fair price for your old banger, and he says he’s cutting his own throat to sell you this new model. But is that really the case?

At you can find out. By comparing offers from thousands of car dealerships, this site will find you the best price for whichever car you’ve decided to buy.

A simple search in your area will show you that perhaps that young buck salesman isn’t cutting you quite such a good deal after all.

As they say themselves, this is the smart way to buy a new car.