The summer rolls on, and it’s an eventful one so far. Epic sporting occasions like the World Cup and the Tour de France are providing a few thrills. The weather is just about holding up, so all those school fetes and sports days are going ahead without a hitch.

And that’s where the fear comes from. If you’re a parent, there might now be a creeping dread that’s starting to nag at you as you attend the end of term festivities. An itch you can’t scratch. A honeyed voice whispering in your ear: "The kids break up soon. Six weeks at home. Six. Whole. Weeks..."


You’ll be wanting ideas on what to do with them, because a child’s boredom threshold is one of the smallest measurable quantities known to humankind.

Enter, a most useful place for finding things to do with your brood. Tell it where you are, or even better use geo-tagging on the mobile version, and you’ll be presented with all the local things to do to occupy young minds and bodies.

Bookmark it now, people. For the sake of your sanity...