You could be forgiven for thinking that the last thing we need is another social network, but they’re popping up with some regularity. And though any newcomers are unlikely to challenge the dominance of the big players very soon, everybody started out small, remember? Oh, and where is Yelp now? Or Bebo?

New players come and go, and even some good ones don’t make their mark, but we reckon might be a bit different. This is a new place for people to express themselves, be that through video, photo or the spoken or written word. But fans of clichéd selfies and #foodporn posts need not apply. Here they’re looking for people who really have something to say and a creative way of saying it.

That’s why there’s the option to eventually monetise what you’re posting. All you’d need to do is get creative and get enough people to notice. If they're willing to pay a subscription to see your stuff, you get a cut. Potentially, that's money for something you're currently giving away on another platform.

The interface is slick and speedy and the Facebook and Twitter integration makes getting up and running a very simple step.

This one has been bubbling under for a while now, but we reckon it’ll soon be a name that more and more of the digital generation will become familiar with.