Regular readers will know that we really like beautiful things. Be it a shiny new gadget, an innovative web design or just the stuff that makes our lives that little bit better - if it looks nice, we’re halfway towards loving it.

Regular readers will also know that we quite like a bargain too. We don’t mind shelling out top dollar for the best, but if we can grab something before it’s hot and out of reach, then all the better.

And that’s precisely why we’ve fallen a bit in love with

Here you see the up-and-coming designer makers showcasing and selling their latest creations, in a unique crowdfunding marketing combination.

Designers sell their stuff here, and if enough people buy in, they can put their creations into production.

It’s a brilliant way to get your hands on some amazing new interior design at prices that you won’t believe. And when this stuff is big news, you really will be able to say you had it before anybody else.