The subject of young people using social networks is never too far from the public consciousness. If you’re a parent, it’s somewhat terrifying to think what can go on if you’re not paying close attention to what your kids get up to. Tales of peer pressure, sexting, bullying, grooming and all other kinds of nefarious goings-on abound in the mainstream press. It's enough to keep you awake at night.

So it’s reassuring to see, a new social network squarely aimed at 14-19-year-olds, but with education at its beating heart.

The site has been set up by the same people who brought us, and its aim is to prepare young minds for student life.

A quick “My DNA” quiz sets up a user’s profile, and will help to shape the kinds of things that they should be focusing on as they face a new chapter in their life.

It highlights suitable courses at nearby colleges and puts users in touch with like-minded people, and their guidelines for staying safe online are some of the best we’ve seen.

This is healthy place for teenagers to hang out online, and we reckon it could be a big hit.