There’s quite a bit of discussion in the media about the provenance of some of the consumer goods that we buy every day. This happens periodically; the last time it really reared its head was when the factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing hundred of workers.

You’d think things would have changed after that, but alas, very little has. In recent weeks people have claimed to be finding messages in clothes bought from certain high street retailers, supposedly written by the workers in the factories and complaining about the conditions.

Whether the notes are real, or just activists’ hoaxes, the issue remains that many people don’t spare a thought for where their shopping comes from and the conditions under which they are made..

At, things are a little different though. Here you can only buy stuff that is provided by ethical companies where their employee are treated fairly. Their ranges are smaller than the big retailers but, sadly, that’s possibly to be expected. But their prices are fair and the quality of the merchandise is never in question.

So, if you care about where your shopping comes from, and want to make sure that the people making the goods you buy are treated fairly, you could do worse than to start shopping here.