Man’s best friend. And if you can forgive the gender bias in that old adage, we reckon every home should have one. That’s right we love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, fat dogs, thin dogs. Doesn’t matter. We love ‘em.

But owning a pooch does come with its challenges. It’s not always long walks in the countryside and fireside cuddles on a winter’s night. No, sometimes you have to leave them alone for a bit. And that, for a dog, can be quite an ordeal.

Yes, you could use a commercial kennel when you go on holiday or need a day without four paws to worry about. But we’ve had mixed experiences with them, and not all dogs like being stuck in an unfamiliar cage.

No, what’s much better is something like, where dog owners setup a profile to find local people who love dogs and would be happy to look after them whenever needed.

Pet owners will love this site because the “borrowers" are verified and you’re in complete control of who gets to meet your dog. And all the people signed up are just as potty about pooches as your typical owner is.

So your four-legged friends gets somebody new to play with while you’re out and about, and you get the peace of mid that comes with knowing that your dog is in good hands. Or paws. Or whatever…